How Much Does an Abortion Cost?

In general, the cost of abortion is very expensive. The cost of abortion depends on a number of different things about you and your situation. Here are some things that can affect how much it costs:

Your health insurance. If you have insurance, it can cover all or part of the cost of your abortion. Contact your insurance provider directly to find out about your coverage.

Your income. If you don’t have insurance, or you can’t use it for privacy reasons, staff at the nearest health center can tell you about any program in your area that can help you buy your own costs.

Where do you live. The cost of abortion, such as the cost of medical care in general, can differ depending on where you live.

The type of abortion you get. Abortion pills may have different costs than abortion in the clinic.

How far is your pregnancy. The longer you get pregnant, the greater the cost of your abortion.

Whatever the situation, the Planned Parenthood health center does its best to help people get an abortion. Contact the nearest health center to find out about fees.